Body Mists


A perfect oriental start that is going to elevate your senses. You would feel like a
flower ready to bloom!
Swim into mimosa deeper &
the unforgettable roots of amber.
A perfect Sassy pick, not to miss!


Topped with tons of freshness as you plunge deeper into orange you feel even more gorgeous and showered with lot of fruit squeeze and love. Subtle vanilla calms you down as you are ready to rock the town.


Citrus bursts all around, you swing and hold on as you bump into apple trees so full. Oh just go pluck as if you were Eve.
It is sure going to leave you pampered more than your boyfriend would!
A flush of peach wraps you around and the world is all yours.


Yes it is totally Foxy, well the cunning sexy side of everyday woman! It is a perfect floral fragrance , where the first note pulls you in, just then the second note of sweetness keeps you mad wherever and takes you softly to the last note of citrus, Oh yes it is tangerine ! We swear, you can wear it so free, and don’t blame us when heads turn to check you out!


Tipsy, Oh yes it is a perfume and not a cocktail! Yes you got us right Cranberry being the first note; it is nice and alarming, so fresh and juicy- so that you feel pampered. A drizzled walk to the second note in a tub of rose, with so much grace and floral bits, that as you jump into the third note of lovely patchouli, you are dizzy and so much in love that you have forgotten your way back from the wonderful town of tipsy.


Sexy – As the name says it all is a mystery bomb! Planning for a night out, yeah kill the floor with this amazing perfume. At the top note sits berry, it is soft and stays by, as it melts into a second note, much of shy jasmine. Well the journey ends into a caramel note being the last! So yes, which intricate laces, sexy traces, run mad into trees of passion, and all you would ooze is oomph!


It opens with Lavender so calm and perfect as if you were dreaming uninterrupted! Slowly the heart note then tingles to the town of Rose and we assure you will feel pretty loved. As you go deeper the base note settles you down on a bed of Moss and wood, your fancies are taken care of and your whims turn even more magical.