About us

Pink as a colour signifies something that is intricate to a woman, and mud justifies existence. Pink Mud is thus a concept that spills intricate existence of a woman. Pink Mud is not just a brand, but an attitude and way of smelling beautiful and leading a confident life. A Pink Mud woman dreams, lives and fulfils her existence. It is thus a concept binding women around with tassels of fragrance and glory! She’s different, contemporary, way beyond the usual and loves luxury at lip smacking prices. The right price, the place to take a dip – Pink Mud! We at Pink Mud strive to complete her fashion closet with fragrances and personal care, at prices she was always willing to pay. We swear by beauty! All you women reading us are ‘A Pretty Mess’ in your own way So we hope you have a lovely journey with us at Pink Mud! Where the gorgeous ‘you’ binds and finds its own way to fall in love with your own self once again!